04 Jul 2024

ELEMENT_RY by ADA Cosmetics – A new era of conscious, pure skincare for the modern urban traveler

ADA Cosmetics introduces ELEMENT_RY, a transformative skincare line designed to elevate the guest experience by returning to the essentials. This collection redefines hotel amenities with its conscious approach, pure formulations, and proven well-being benefits.

Conscious. Pure. Effective

ELEMENT_RY is more than skincare; it’s a philosophy. The collection embodies a commitment to minimalism, efficacy, and sustainability. Consciously reduced, vegan formulas are crafted with the purest, most effective ingredients to gently cleanse and nourish the skin.
“We are thrilled to unveil ELEMENT_RY, a brand that aligns perfectly with the growing demand for conscious, natural products in the hospitality industry,” said Gerd von Podewils, CMO of ADA Group. “This line empowers guests to embrace a moment of pure relaxation and effective care, while hotels can showcase their dedication to well-being and sustainability.”

Proven well-being benefits

ELEMENT_RY’s signature fragrance is a harmonious blend of fresh fig, warm sandalwood, cardamom, and osmanthus. Due to the Actimood® Technology, this sensual combination is scientifically proven to enhance well-being, offering a timeless and elegant scent for all.

Pure care, consciously packaged

The ELEMENT_RY line excludes unnecessary additives, parabens, silicones, microplastics, and mineral oils. Its minimalist packaging features apothecary-inspired flacons made from recycled and recyclable materials. These bottles protect the formulas from UV light and minimize their ecological footprint.

Sustainable dispensing solutions

ELEMENT_RY is available in three innovative ADA Cosmetics dispenser systems: SmartCare, SHAPE pump, or the new mono-material pump dispensers.
Both pump dispensers feature the new ADA-patented drainage system, which protects the liquid from any back-contamination that can occur with standard pump systems, as a recent hygiene study by the renowned Rhein-Waal Institute has proven.
The pump dispenser flacon is made from up to 100% PCR plastic. Its pump is the first mono-material hygiene pump on the market, making the entire pump dispenser fully recyclable.
The bestselling SmartCare system features ADA’s patented membrane technology, making it the most hygienic cosmetic dispenser on the market. SmartCare is entirely made from mono-material, allowing the most accessible and most complete recycling of any dispenser system.
ELEMENT_RY is Cradle to Cradle Silver® certified, as is ADA Cosmetics’ entire product portfolio, a first in the hotel amenities business.

Ordering and availability

ELEMENT_RY is a revolutionary skincare line crafted for the modern urban traveler. It offers an unprecedented level of sophistication in hotel amenities. Available to hotels worldwide and individual consumers, ELEMENT_RY embodies minimalism, efficacy, and sustainability. This line ensures that guests experience pure relaxation and effective care while hotels can showcase their commitment to superior, eco-conscious amenities.


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