Balmain Paris

A singular union of Parisian couture heritage and 21st-century daring. Always remaining true to its core values of inclusion, empowerment and excellence.

A Singular History of More than 75 Years

Balmain was founded in 1945 by Pierre Balmain. From the outset, Monsieur Balmain´s boldly feminine and opulent signature style offered a starting contrast to the utilitarian looks of the day, creating a distinctive, super-feminine DNA and quickly transforming the Parisian house into a favorite of both European and Hollywood royalty.

Today’s Balmain melds the rich legacy of a historic Parisian couture house with Pierre Balmain’s singular optimism and the modern and inclusive vision of Olivier Rousteing, the house’s Creative Director since 2011. Balmain is intent on forging fashion´s future in a uniquely authentic manner.

Season after season, the fashion shows celebrate the culture of the 21st century, reflecting the lifestyle of the „Balmain Army“ and the way that today’s women and men wish to dress.

Balmain Paris Hair Couture

45 years ago, Pierre Balmain wanted to complete his looks with wigs and started working with a young talented wig maker, Dick Guliker, who founded Balmain Hair in 1974. Thus, a unique cooperation was born that is still until today creating hair couture for stylists and consumers all around the world.

Balmain Hair Couture is in the first place a true professional brand. As part of the heritage as a famous Paris based fashion house, many fashion designers internationally like to work with the Balmain Paris Hair Couture collection in order to present the hairstyling of their models in the most beautiful and fashionable way.

Balmain Signature Collection

For all “connoisseurs” of unique and exclusive experiences, Balmain created Signature Collection designed to transform your body & hair care routine into a special moment of personal luxury

A Moment of Personal Luxury

A luxurious silk-protein infused formula featuring the acclaimed Signature Balmain fragrance creates a special moment of personal luxury.

An indulging combination of invigorating mint and bergamot with soothing lavender and cinnamon makes this collection a treat for the senses.

The packaging has simplistic and straightforward design which corresponds to Balmain Hair Couture fundamental product values.

Balmain Signature Collection

Discover a unique product line with body & hair care essentials designed for the ultimate luxury experience to indulge your guests

All information about this collection at a glance.

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