Penhaligon’s is perhaps the world’s most esteemed fragrance house, entertaining discerning noses – be they royalty or not.

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Once upon a time in Cornwall

This is the story of a cornish barber William Penhaligon who travelled to London and opened up shop next to London’s finest tailors. Who received the royal warrant and trimmed the Shah of Persia’s beard. At a time when one’s toilette was of primordial concern and to be a gentleman was an affair of great application.

Victoria was Queen, antiseptic was making its first appearance — and ankles were considered titillating stuff.

It is 1870. Heritage, Empire and Portraiture establish the order of the day. (Most of the time.)

Since that time Penhaligon’s became the world’s most esteemed fragrance house, with a rich heritage interlaced with British history, aristocracy and culture. Awarded with Royal Warrant, Penhaligon’s is entertaining the world’s nostrils with a dose of Britishness.

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Fine Fragrances for Life’s Tireless Connoisseurs

Drawing on 150 years of perfumery, each scent creation has its own story to tell… of tradition, history, myth… always with a little whimsy or twist of quirkiness that brings it into the modern day.

Today, Penhaligon’s scents are still made in England using the finest rare ingredients – from hand cold pressed bergamot, to jasmine at twice the price of gold.

3 of Penhaligon’s bestsellers were meticulously selected to create Guest Amenities Collections that transform a hotel stay into an olfactive adventure.

Rifle through Penhaligon’s fragrant delights to unveil the historic stories behind the British Tales collection with Quercus and Blenheim Bouquet – timeless classics to scent yourself royal.

Hop on a daring discovery journey with Halfeti perfumed by the fabled black rose – one of the most Penhaligon’s loved fragrances from the Trade Routes collection.

A Splendidly British Olfactive Adventure

A perfect fit for ladies and gents with exceptional taste; displaying good judgment and perfect decorum, but not afraid to veer off the tracks to show a little personality.

Penhaligons Blenheim Bouquet hotel amenities collection by ADA Cosmetics

Blenheim Bouquet

What greater pleasure is there than sinking into a perfectly perfumed bath? Or if one prefers a vertical morning routine, fear not, Penhaligon’s Blenheim Bouquet collection will have you ship shape in a jiffy.

Blenheim Bouquet is a masterpiece of tailoring and was first created for the Duke of Marlborough, and by jove it shows. Just like the most refined British humour, it is dry. Like the best gin, aromatic. An invigorating daytime cocktail of citrus oils, spices and woods – as versatile as a bowtie, able to transcend the infidelities of Time.

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Penhaligons Quercus hotel amenities collection by ADA Cosmetics


What greater pleasure is there than sinking into a perfectly perfumed bath? Oh, and don’t forget to maximize one’s benefits (and alone time) with some post-bath moisturization. What joy!

A cologne fragrance of some sophistication, named for the iconic English oak. Basil, bright & fresh, accompanied by clean white floral notes create the most singular airy freshness; whereas a woody, mossy depth brings one happily back to earth. It’s familiar, but also terribly strange.

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Penhaligons Halfeti hotel amenities collection by ADA Cosmetics


Sink into layers and layers of perfumed pleasure. Wash away the woes and allow the mind to drift upon a sea of bliss and afar destinations, with Penhaligon’s Halfeti range.

Iconic member of the Trade Route Collection with its bold, luxurious scents for adventurous noses: Halfeti boasts an intoxicating, mysterious fragrance. Vigorous grapefruit, Levantine spice and rose tangle in the moonlight… but what’s that upon the riverbank? Could it be the fabled black rose?

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Penhaligon’s Collection

Sink into layers and layers of perfumed pleasure with Penhaligon’s guest amenities Collection. Ensure your skin looks as delicious as it smells.

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