With its demand of perfection, Chopard creates beautifully crafted watches, jewellery and fragrance – inviting you to its sparkling and glamorous world.

The Artisan of Emotions, since 1860

Passed on from one generation to the next since the Maison was founded, Chopard’s identity has been forged over time, and with the contribution of every member of the family who oversee it. Nowadays, it is this unique Family Spirit that differentiates Chopard in the world of High Jewellery and High Watchmaking. It is evident in every step the Maison takes, along with its hallmarks of Emotion and Generosity.

Pioneer in sustainability

Steeped in history, Chopard pursues a time-honoured family tradition of independence, passion and audacious luxury. Placing sustainable development at the very heart of its values, Chopard is committed to its “Do good, feel good ethos”, including their high-quality materials, which are always responsibly sourced.


This sustainable, ultra-luxury Miel d’Arabie collection was created exclusively for the most prestigious hotels in the world. Designed for the global traveller with a curated taste – constantly in search of inspiring, meaningful and mindful luxury.


Without compromising on the beautiful aesthetics, Chopard’s sincere commitments to lead the way in sustainable luxury is reflected in the Miel d’Arabie guest collection: the signature diamond design consists of 100% recycled (PET) and recyclable materials.

A unique blend of precious spices, tea infusions and sweet pomegranate, textured with the floral and balsamic aromas of an exceptional honey absolute promise a memorable luxury guest experience.

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Sensual Chopard –
Miel D’Arabie

Pamper your guests with the ultra-luxury guest collection from Miel D'Arabie. Luxurious cosmetic products with a sensual, inspiring fragrance composition.

Lemon Dulci

With its intensely uplifting scent, the sustainable Lemon Dulci collection is intended to exclusive luxury hotels across the globe.
Celebrating the positive values of life, the collection is to please the trend-savvy clientele embracing Joie de Vivre.


Without compromising on the beautiful aesthetics, the Lemon Dulci collection echoes Chopard’s sincere commitments to lead the way in sustainable luxury: the signature diamond design consists of 25% recycled (PET) and recyclable materials.

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Happy Chopard –
Lemon Dulci

Invigorate your guests with the Lemon Dulci Collection’s creative luxury fragrance infused with mood-enhancing ingredients, such as citrus and ginger.

On Invitation Brands

For guests who accept nothing less than the crème de la crème, our curated collection of exquisite brands represents the epitome of sophistication and luxury. The perfect complement to a cosmopolitan lifestyle, each brand in this selection is crafted with the discerning global traveler in mind. 



Present in more than 50 countries and five continents, we offer worldwide distribution with short delivery routes, thanks to local warehousing and global logistics networks. Our expert customer service consultants around the world provide professional advice, out-of-the-box thinking, and workflow management tools to ensure a smooth and successful partnership from day one.