The first-ever dispenser solution developed by ADA Cosmetics, press + wash is a timeless design, optimized with you in mind over more than 30 years. Practical, efficient and environmentally friendly, this dispenser can be combined with a wide range of our signature brands.


Our press + wash system changed the hotel amenities industry forever when we unveiled it in 1990. A milestone design and a core part of ADA’s heritage, its popularity endures with our clients and their guests around the world. This classic solution is as efficient as it is effortless to use, and features ADA’s patented valve technology for clean dosing.

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press + wash

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press + wash is also created with the planet in mind. Choose this dispenser system with the assurance that it is 100% recyclable, thanks to a mono-material design made from recycled PET. The drip-free flacon can be emptied up to 100%, for significant liquid waste savings when compared with the use of small portions.  

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press + wash

A wide range of our signature brands are offered with press + wash – the groundbreaking original dispenser solution from ADA. Delight your clients by choosing a brand they will love in combination with this enduringly popular system.

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press + wash

All of ADA’s dispenser systems are quick and easy to install, maintain, and exchange. Follow the step-by-step instructions in this short video to mount our press + wash in your hotel bathrooms.

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