Native Nature

Feel and experience the revitalising power of the forest with all your senses. An extraordinary fragrance creation: for nature, with nature.

A feeling of freedom and adventure

At Native Nature, we prioritise high-quality hotel cosmetics with a strong focus on sustainability. Discover the collection with a 100% upcycled fragrance with refreshing notes of recycled sandalwood, pine needles and cedarwood in vegan formulations using exquisite oils.

100% upcycled fragrance

The 100% upcycled fragrance has the advantage that only recycled or reused ingredients were used in its production. This means that all of the fragrance’s ingredients come from recycled materials that have undergone an upcycling process. No new raw materials are used.

This means that natural raw materials are utilised more efficiently and used more consciously in the production of this hotel cosmetics line.

Pure deep relaxation

The revitalising wood fragrances of the body care line bring your guests into nature and create a unique relaxation experience for body and mind.

Forest bathing and its healing effect on people was scientifically researched in Japan decades ago. The sounds of the forest, the fresh air and the sun’s rays shining through the green canopy of leaves help us to calm down. Forest bathing reduces stress, stimulates all the senses and can even prevent illness.

Refreshing and natural, Native Nature supports the relaxation process of your hotel guests.

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