ECO by Green Culture

Cradle to Cradle Certified® and Nordic Swan Ecolable awarded body care for living and indulging yourself in harmony with nature.


Living and consuming in a sustainable manner is now more important than ever. It is a subject of concern for everyone, regardless of age or gender.​

When talking about eco-friendliness in toiletries, it refers to cleaner formulations, but also to products that are more in harmony with nature and the environment.

Brands must prove product health and safety as well as trust credentials and claims… a certified eco-respectful body care range is the new ‘must have’ in every bathroom.


Driving on the trend of mindful hedonism as a more positive alternative to themes of eco-restrictions and elimination, ECO by Green Culture strives to connect with and achieve harmony with nature.

This eco-respectful collection was conceived to allow you to indulge yourself whilst being assured that your impact on the aquatic system is minimal thanks to excellent environmental properties of the ingredients like degradability, bioaccumulation and toxicity to aquatic organisms.

Cradle to Cradle Certified® and with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel.


A perfect fit for all those seeking to feel refreshed and invigorated – while protecting the nature.


Whilst the light formulas are conceived to be gentle to skin and nature, the subtle fragrance brings harmony to the mind with refreshing green florals, like jasmine and cyclamen.

Wrapped in the reassuring green hues of wildlife, the look of this collection is featuring botanical motifs that reconnect design – and consumers – with nature.

ECO by Green Culture – highlights & bestsellers

A complete and high-qualitative body care collection provides your eco-conscious guests with a care-free sensation.


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