Circular by design

At ADA, we think circular in everything we do, from production to packaging. Nature provides us with our most precious ingredients, and must be protected. We therefore do everything in our power to minimize our environmental impact, recirculate resources, and help safeguard our planet for future generations.

We Set Standards for Circularity

We are proud to be the first and only hotel cosmetics company whose entire product portfolio is Cradle to Cradle Certified® Silver. With a holistic approach based on scientific criteria, this standard is one of the world’s most ambitious sustainability certifications, and demonstrates our commitment to the circular economy.
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We Follow Eco Design Principles

Less is more. Smart and sustainable solutions enable us to minimize waste through all phases of the product lifecycle. We assess and improve our packaging using the well-kown RecyClass Online tool, develop mono-material designs with easy recycling in mind, and maximize our use of PCR plastic to conserve valuable resources. Our pioneering dispenser solutions save countless small plastic bottles, while reducing the weight of our packaging and soaps allows us to further cut waste and emissions.

We Conserve Water

Clean, fresh water is an essential life force. To minimize water pollution, we have incorporated eco-conscious wastewater management at all of our production sites. We also limit overall fresh water consumption through a number of practical measures, such as a standardized cleaning process for our stainless-steel containers, which require less disinfection than plastic.


We Promote Biodiversity

We support the regeneration of nature. Our newly established Biodiversity Team assesses our impact in this area, and defines measures and targets to incorporate into our day-to-day activities. A diversity of plants and living creatures is essential to a healthy planet, and at ADA we believe it is our duty to actively protect biodiversity for future generations.



We are located in more than 50 countries with an international distribution network and a large number of sales partners – a fact our clients really appreciate. We do, however, offer more than just geographic proximity.