Pioneering Healthy and Safe Ingredients

At ADA, our pledge is to be surprising, sustainable, and safe. We prioritize natural, renewable ingredients that respect the skin and our planet alike. Responsibly sourced, comprehensively tested, and independently certified, our formulas combine superb performance with world-leading environmental credentials.

We are the Skin Experts

With a focus on plant-based ingredients, most of our formulas are pH skin neutral and vegan, for gentle, effective, and natural skincare. We have phased out ingredients of concern (namely parabens, silicones, formaldehyde donors, isothiazolinones and others) thanks to our strict Responsible Sourcing Policy, which includes a blacklist of ingredients that we never use in new developments.

The majority of our products are already free of mineral oil, while the remaining ones are currently being reworked.

We Source Ingredients Responsibly

The purpose of our Responsible Sourcing Policy, which is reviewed on an annual basis, is to minimize our environmental and social impact, and to be best-in-class in the hotel sector in terms of both safety and public perception.

By favoring raw materials of natural origin, we also contribute to the conservation of valuable resources. To avoid water pollution, we have already banned microplastics in the form of microbeads, and by the end of 2023, all our newly developed formulas will also be free from benzophenone-based UV filters and liquid microplastic.

Furthermore, the majority of our palm oil-based raw materials are RSPO-certified (mass balance model), and we are the only producer of hotel cosmetics to use certified Fairtrade ingredients, in our FAIR CosmEthics line.

We Never Test on Animals

All of our products undergo strict and comprehensive tests, including microbiological testing, physicochemical stability testing and an external safety evaluation, to ensure best-in-class safety and exceptional performance. We have the utmost respect for animal welfare, and never test our products or their ingredients on animals. This applies to all ADA operations globally, including research outsourced to third parties.

We are the Ethical Choice

ADA offers a wide range of sustainable product lines, including our socially responsible, multi-certified Game Changer collection, as well as a number of other lines featuring both eco-friendly packaging and formulations.

Find more detail in our Sustainability Report.




We are located in more than 50 countries with an international distribution network and a large number of sales partners – a fact our clients really appreciate. We do, however, offer more than just geographic proximity.