ARgENTUM is a luxury skincare brand born from science and crafted with love, a dream made real.

It began with a dream

ARgENTUM was founded in London in 2012 to share the extraordinary benefits of silver for skin health. Forged in the supernovae of stars, silver’s natural wonder and poetry inspired founder, Joy Isaacs, after she awoke one morning from a dream about the healing power of silver. ARgENTUM was established after a serendipitous introduction to dermo cosmetic scientist, Dr Gilbert Mouzin, who, in collaboration with Joy, researched and formulated what is now the brand’s patented fusion of Silver Hydrosol & DNA HP.

Visibly healthier skin

The synergy between Silver Hydrosol & DNA HP is the thread of alchemy throughout the brand’s unique products. ARgENTUM launched on the merit of just one incredibly effective elixir, la potion infinie. A day and night cream of immense natural intelligence, la potion infinie’s dermo cosmetic formulation is backed by clinical trials and has an ISO calculation of 99.2% from natural origins. It is this patented formulation that lies at the heart of the brand’s silver skincare collection.

ARgENTUM creates formulations to soothe and support body, mind, and soul for healthier skin. Scented with the citrus and herbal notes of their signature fragrance, ARgENTUM’s hotel collection offers a restorative and uplifting experience.

Elemental energies

ARgENTUM invites you to enter into a magical world of silver bath & body care, a world where you can find the beauty in balance. The fragrance composition of zesty bergamot, leafy geranium, floral rose, and grounding sandalwood is a considered combination of the four elements for total equilibrium. Signature scent, BECOME is symbolised by the complete circle of No.0, where masculine blends with feminine, and the pursuit of beauty through balance begins and ends. A complete sensorial experience that inspires a moment of self-reflection and balance.

ARgENTUM Products

The first hotel collection to contain silver renowned for its skin-supporting
and protective properties.
Featuring luxurious vegan-friendly formulations, with a mood-boosting scent, encased in
iconic uniquely designed dispensing systems.

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