15 Feb 2023

Preserving forests together: ADA Cosmetics enters into partnership with environmental organization Canopy

Trees are necessary water reservoirs and contribute to carbon sinks as well as biodiversity. As essential climate and environmental protectors, primeval forests safeguard life on our planet. To protect them, ADA Cosmetics has therefore now joined the Pack4Good and CanopyStyle Initiative of Canopy, an international environmental organization. Canopy works with 750 companies worldwide to protect vital forest ecosystems. The goal is to establish environmentally friendly solutions for packaging and viscose production in the supply chain. ADA Cosmetics, too, has committed to reducing packaging and purchasing paper and textile fibers only from responsible sources.

The best way to reduce environmental impact is to use fewer raw materials. ADA Cosmetics will therefore make sure that all purchased paper and packaging is made from recycled materials or agricultural waste. When paper and packaging contain fresh wood fibers, ADA will ensure that they are sourced from responsibly managed forests, preferably certified to the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

“As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of hotel cosmetics, ADA Cosmetics has always taken its responsibility for people and the environment very seriously. Ever since we introduced the first dispenser system in hotel bathrooms 30 years ago, we have strived to lead the industry with our sustainable measures and innovations. Participating in the Pack4Good and CanopyStyle initiatives is another important step for us on this journey. The world’s forests are crucial to the well-being of our planet and the people who live on it. That’s why we want to actively contribute to their protection by joining forces with others, continuously reducing our resource consumption and sourcing pulp, paper, packaging, and fabrics exclusively from sustainable sources,” says Lutz Hübner, CEO of ADA Cosmetics.

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