26 Oct 2023

Amouage, the Omani High Perfumery House, introduces Anchorage, a new signature perfume, with a dedicated luxury hotel amenities collection

A precious scent

Close your eyes and let yourself be carried away to the Amouage Perfume Manufacture in Muscat, Sultanate of Oman. You are standing in the middle of the birthplace of the Omani High Perfumery House on this beautiful day of Fall. The soft sunlight invites itself inside the vast space through the mashrabiyyas decorating the workshop’s walls. Skilled craftsmen and women are at work in a joyous atmosphere, surrounded by an eclectic assortment of objects: a piece of ambergris, a yellow hammer, a basket of dried flower buds, a book of calligraphed formulas, a piece of dark wood… And all around, inevitable, unforgettable: this scent. Unusual and precious, the unique combination of all the notes of the Amouage creations one might imagine pervading every corner of the Manufacture. The smell of craft, abundance, patience, refinement, and harmony.

An unprecedented approach

In 2023, celebrating forty years of creation, Amouage has chosen to capture the scent of its Perfume Manufacture and give this address a signature line: Anchorage. Referencing the birthplace of the House, Anchorage is a unique scent for the body and home that encapsulates the diverse and charming smell of the Amouage Perfume Manufacture with rare and precious ingredients, giving everyone a little part of this place and its rich history.

Complex yet obvious

“The idea behind the Anchorage fragrance was to capture the rich diversity of the over 50 perfumes that are compounded at the Amouage Perfume Manufacture and blend these various disparate personalities into harmony. The task might appear complicated, perhaps even impossible. And yet so obvious at the same time, with certain odours clearly standing out as soon as you enter the Manufacture”, explains Renaud Salmon, Amouage Chief Creative Officer. “We sat down at the Manufacture with perfumer Cécile Zarokian and defined three olfactive layers, each one highlighting the spirit of the signature raw materials that sign the House’s creations: Frankincense, Rock Rose and Ambergris. Cécile found the right balance between the layers, minding that the composition became perfectly harmonious while preserving the personality of each note. To facet the fragrance, she also decided to intensify and add certain raw materials belonging to Amouage’s palette.”

Neither feminine nor masculine, the result is a fragrance that does not resemble any other Amouage creation, yet the initiated will recognize the subtle filiation with the company’s iconic fragrances. A unique scent, an innovative and complex signature for the body and the home, called, quite naturally, Anchorage. A unique way to reconnect with the Amouage spirit that was cherished by the founders and so intimately entwined with the House’s story.

Sophistication and refinement in every hotel bathroom

Appearing first as a line of five luxurious hotel toiletries, the Anchorage range is exclusively introduced as in-room luxury amenities by ADA Cosmetics, including a Bath and Shower Gel, Shampoo, Conditioner, Hand and Body Lotion, and Hand Wash. Sustainably packaged in refillable and recyclable pump dispensers with a soft-textured, matte finish and sophisticated design, Anchorage is a refined collection that will indulge guests and make them feel at home in any opulent place away from home.

“We are thrilled to introduce the Anchorage fragrance with this new collection,” says ADA Group CMO Gerd von Podewils. “A perfect showcase of the Amouage approach to hospitality and unparalleled craftsmanship, these opulent hotel amenities offer a truly elite experience to every guest.”

The vegan and GMO-free new Amouage Anchorage collection reprises the beautiful, fluted silhouette of the Amouage Reflection amenities collection, launched in 2022. Reflecting the emblem of Amouage, the distinctive fluted design adds an element of aesthetic sophistication to all hotel bathrooms, now available in a dramatic charcoal hue. Small bottles and tubes and a boxed soap, also in a fluted shape, complete the meticulously curated collection, which is augmented by turndown amenities including bath oil and pillow spray.

Credits © Amouage


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