13 Dec 2023

The Kapellerput Hotel sets an exemplary standard with its commitment to maintaining a clean environment, supported by strong partnerships 

With exclusive fragrances and formulations, ADA Cosmetics has been pampering millions of guests for over 40 years and making a tangible contribution to more sustainable travel. The company consistently assists its hotel partners in implementing sustainable measures, extending support beyond the furnishing of hotel bathrooms, as illustrated by the example of the Kapellerput Hotel in Heeze, the Netherlands. These partnerships demonstrate how sustainability, and a carefree guest experience can be realised at a high level. Upon ADA Cosmetics’ recommendation, the environmentally conscious hotel has forged a partnership with Clean the World, an organization that redefines recycling in the hospitality industry and repurposes supposed waste in meaningful ways.

Sustainability down to the last detail

Sustainability is at the core of the Kapellerput Hotel, where a dedication to an environmentally conscious approach is intricately woven into the hotel’s ethos. With a focus on recycling, waste minimisation, energy efficiency and ethical sourcing, the Kapellerput sets a high standard for the hospitality industry. An example of this commitment is seen in the hotel’s treatment of products left behind by guests, such as accessories and cosmetics. Rather than discarding these high-quality items, the hotel refrains from wasteful practices, recognizing the inappropriateness, especially in light of global resource concerns. To address this, the hotel collaborates with Clean the World, a successful non-profit organization supported by ADA Cosmetics. In their shared commitment, the partners not only complement but also inspire each other, always striving to create a healthy environment that encourages exploration and travel.

Clean The World: Opened hotel amenities for a good purpose

In order to enhance the experience for the growing number of conscientious travelers, ADA Cosmetics actively encourages all its hotel partners to engage in Clean the World’s Global Hospitality Program. This initiative transforms used soap bars, dispensers, and bottles into vital, life-saving supplies for communities in need worldwide. With every soap or accessory donated, Clean the World helps to reduce the impact of pollution and improve the lives of people around the globe. Since its inception in 2009, more than 8,000 participants worldwide have participated in the Global Hospitality Recycling Programme, diverting more than 11 tonnes of waste while donating more than 80 millions bars of soap.

Sustainably certified hotel cosmetics

As a leading global provider of premium hotel cosmetics and innovative dispenser solutions, ADA Cosmetics is equally committed to providing a sustainable and environmentally friendly experience for all hotel guests. When it came to fitting out their bathrooms, it’s no surprise that the Kapellerput Hotel was in favour of the company. The user-friendly dispenser systems used in the modern bathrooms are all Fair Trade and certified with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. As an expert in skincare with its own research department, ADA Cosmetics puts great importance to the safety of its products: The high-quality, nourishing contents of the soaps and lotions are vegan and pH skin-neutral as well as 100% free from harmful substances. The entire product range is also Cradle to Cradle Certified® Silver certified.

“Hoteliers can contribute to environmentally conscious travel”

Lutz Hübner, CEO of ADA Cosmetics, emphasises the importance of sustainability in the hotel industry: “True to our credo ‘Conscious Choices – trip by trip’, we would like to win over more partners for our sustainable mission. By supporting outstanding initiatives such as Clean the World, and choosing sustainable hotel cosmetics, hoteliers can contribute significantly to environmentally conscious travel.”

ADA Cosmetics has long been taking concrete steps to achieve clear and measurable goals to minimise its environmental impact. Demonstrating transparent adherence to ethical principles and responsible sourcing of skincare ingredients, coupled with advanced and resource-saving dispensing solutions, the company is at the forefront of sustainable practices. Notably, this year, it achieved a significant milestone by becoming the first company in the industry to voluntarily publish a CSR report. ADA Cosmetics is also the only hotel cosmetics manufacturer in the world to be Cradle to Cradle Certified® Silver.

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