20 Feb 2024

ADA Cosmetics reveals magazine-style 2024 catalogue featuring seamless digital integration

The redesigned publication presents ADA Cosmetics’ extensive House of Brands and world-leading dispenser solutions in a sophisticated new format, fully integrated with the ADA Cosmetics website throughout

Finding the perfect hotel cosmetics collection becomes a new and elevated experience, with the newly published 2024 edition of the ADA Cosmetics catalogue.

With a new, lifestyle-inspired look and feel, this annual publication offers a comprehensive, curated window into the world of ADA Cosmetics, presenting each and every collection and product within an elegantly designed and easy-to-navigate layout.

Each individual amenities line is showcased via a beautifully illustrated double-page spread, which includes a QR code linking to a corresponding page on the ADA Cosmetics website.

The world-leading House of Brands is presented thematically, with its four separate portfolios – Beauty & Wellness, Lifestyle & Design, Game Changer, and On Invitation – making it even easier to find the ideal collection for your property.

Separate sections covering ADA Cosmetics’ pioneering dispenser solutions and state-of-the-art accessories, also with dedicated QR codes, ensure the catalogue contains all the information needed to find superior amenities that will perfectly complement your hotel’s identity and enhance the everyday experience of your guests.

Browse the catalogue here.



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