21 Jul 2023

Pay Attention to Secure Dispensing Systems

During vacation time, public interest in the hygiene and cleanliness of hotels becomes paramount. As we embark on this year’s travel season, the spotlight of public discussion shines on the dispensers for soaps and shampoos found in hotel bathrooms.

Amidst the vacation season, concerns regarding the hygiene and cleanliness of hotels have taken center stage. Content creators, claiming professional experience in the hotel industry, have taken to social media to issue warnings about unhygienic conditions, particularly focusing on the use of insecure dispensers in hotel bathrooms. Their posts have gained significant attention, prompting media outlets to further raise awareness among potential hotel guests.

A primary area of concern revolves around the usage of easily accessible and refillable pump dispensers. Critics argue that any guest could unscrew the pump heads and introduce potentially harmful substances. To address this issue, it is strongly recommended to employ secure and hygienic dispensing systems that prevent such occurrences.

Thankfully, the risk associated with such hazards can be readily mitigated by implementing tamper-proof dispensing systems accessible only to housekeeping staff. Optimal solutions include refillable dispensing systems that require authorized access, eliminating the health risks associated with internal and external contamination. Research has demonstrated that bacteria can infiltrate through soap or water residues, leading to contamination.

Consequently, ADA Cosmetics strongly advises hoteliers to adopt tamper-proof and hygienically secure dispensing systems. As a renowned manufacturer of hotel cosmetics and dispensing systems, the company offers a fitting solution: the cutting-edge Smart Care system. This innovative system incorporates a patented membrane, safeguarding against unauthorized usage, leaks, contaminations, and wear effects. By choosing Smart Care, hoteliers can ensure the utmost safety and hygiene for their guests, setting it apart from other dispensing systems on the market.



1 See for example: @melly_creations
2 According to the study by the University of Arizona, for example, 77 per cent of the open dispensers examined had bacterial contamination. 50 per cent were even so heavily contaminated that their use posed a high health risk.


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