08 Jul 2024

New Video showcases the Revolutionary SmartCare Cosmetic Dispenser System

The innovative SmartCare cosmetic dispenser system is the most hygienic dispenser system in the world. We have dedicated a film to it, highlighting the unique features of the SmartCare system.

A Look at SmartCare

The SmartCare system offers a revolutionary solution for the hospitality industry by combining the highest hygiene standards with sustainability. Thanks to its advanced technology, the system prevents the ingress of water and bacteria, effectively inhibiting the formation of biofilms and the proliferation of microorganisms. This ensures a consistently hygienic purity of the dispenser system.

Insights and Innovation

The film provides an in-depth look at the functionality and benefits of the SmartCare system. It shows how this innovation is redefining hygiene standards in hotels worldwide while promoting sustainable practices. It becomes clear why the SmartCare system is the first choice for modern hotels that want to offer their guests only the best.

Watch the video here:


Test SmartCare for Free

Experience the benefits of the SmartCare cosmetic dispenser system for yourself. ADA Cosmetics offers you the opportunity to test the system in 10 of your hotel rooms for a period of 3 months free of charge. Take advantage of this opportunity to provide your guests with the best hygiene solution and see for yourself the quality and efficiency of the SmartCare system.

Contact us today to receive your free test package and become part of the hygiene revolution in the hospitality industry.

Try SmartCare now for free – 10 rooms – ADA Cosmetics (ada-cosmetics.com)


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