16 Jul 2023

DermaCare Sensitive Rescue Box – an exclusive care solution for hotel guests with sensitive skin

Indulgent moments for sensitive beauty

DermaCare Sensitive Rescue Box – an exclusive care solution for hotel guests with sensitive skin

Throughout its 40-year history, ADA Cosmetics has developed body care products that meet the growing demands of discerning hotel guests. The company is at the forefront of the industry as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-quality hotel cosmetics and innovative dispenser systems. Showcasing its profound dermatological expertise, ADA Cosmetics now presents a new and exclusive care solution: the DermaCare Sensitive Rescue Box, specially designed to meet the needs of hotel guests with skin sensitivities.

Hoteliers can provide guests with these products upon request and free of charge, in addition to the amenities in the hotel room. This enables guests with sensitive skin to indulge in a soothing skincare experience during their stay.

More and more people have sensitive skin

50 percent of European women and 30 percent of European men say they have sensitive skin.1 These figures will only continue to rise, because our environment has a significant impact on our skin. Care and protection are therefore all the more critical – especially when traveling. With the DermaCare Sensitive Rescue Box, hoteliers have a certified skincare set to offer their guests as a unique service at reception. The box consists of a mild hair and body shampoo, gentle wash lotion, and delicate body milk, all suitable for the daily care of dry as well as normal and oily skin. The formulas, specially designed to minimize skin sensitivity, are free from irritating preservatives such as formaldehyde releasers and isothiazolinone, and known fragrance allergens like linalool, limonene, or geraniol. Thanks to carefully selected ingredients and a mild composition, the products care for sensitive skin gently without overwhelming it. The DermaCare Sensitive Rescue Box is dermatologically tested and labeled with the Dermatest quality seal, which honors its high-quality formulas for sensitive skin.

“Our entire product portfolio is formulated to be skin-friendly and pH-neutral. However, sensitive skin requires special care,” says Dr Andreas Picker, Director of Global R&D and Regulatory at ADA Cosmetics. “People with sensitive skin often react to allergens which are part of the product’s fragrance. During the development of the new DermaCare range, special attention was therefore paid to ensuring a superb cosmetic experience during application, while avoiding classical fragrance allergens like linalool, limonene, or geraniol − so that guests with sensitive skin benefit from the greatest possible skincare comfort and can enjoy their hotel stay without inconvenience.”

A show of appreciation

“You can sleep well in many hotels. But those that recognize the special needs of their guests and cater to individual requirements will have a special place in their guests’ memories for a long time after their stay,” says Gerd von Podewils, CMO at ADA Cosmetics. “Travelers appreciate the special attention of their hosts – as a partner of the hotel industry, we therefore offer the DermaCare Sensitive Rescue Box, which enables hoteliers to meet the increasing demand for sensitive skincare products. At the same time, it allows them to show their guests a special level of appreciation with this extra service.”

At ADA Cosmetics, expert teams of chemists, process engineers, and safety specialists work in the company’s own research laboratories to develop safe and healthy formulations for all skincare needs. These consist mainly of natural and plant-based ingredients and are biodegradable. As a market leader, ADA Cosmetics recognizes its ecological responsibility and is currently the only company in the industry segment whose entire product portfolio is Cradle to Cradle Certified® Silver.


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