19 Dec 2019

ADA Cosmetics International Initiates Campaign against Plastic Waste


With its “Make the Shift“ campaign, hotel cosmetics manufacturer ADA Cosmetics International aims to increase efforts to combat plastic waste. This initiative focuses on alternative and eco-friendly dispenser systems, thus representing a further component of the company’s sustainability strategy.

Kehl/Germany, December 2019 – Plastic waste has become a highly debated global issue. The small bottles of body care products, which still can be found in many hotel bathrooms, contribute significantly to this problem. Estimates show that each year, the hotel industry disposes over ten billion of these mini bottles, many of which still contain product.

ADA Cosmetics International is using the „Make the Shift” campaign to draw the attention of hoteliers towards environmentally friendly dispenser systems. The key communication mode is a landing page with background information and product news on the topic of dispenser system solutions, presented in a magazine style. Further, the campaign will be used to directly address the company’s hotel clients and partners worldwide.

„Greener“ Showers – using dispenser systems

In the nineties, ADA Cosmetics already devised the first dispenser system, thus revolutionizing the hotel cosmetics industry. Today, the closed systems press+wash and Smart Care as well as the open pump systems are an integral part of the product range. In almost 30 years the company has produced and installed approximately 128 million dispensers. This equals a savings of 2.6 billion small bottles, which translates into 20,500 tons of plastic waste. Demand for dispenser systems is rising continuously: in the past five years the manufacturer has recorded sales increases between 7 and 10 percent.

The dispenser system’s success is based on multiple benefits: less product is used due to a needs-based dosage; the cartridges are made from recyclable, zero-emission synthetic material; and, not least, 50 percent of the material is made from recycled PET and PET plastic waste from the world’s oceans (Ocean Plastic Waste).

Shift in Thinking – for the benefit of environment and budget

The resulting savings are significant: one cartridge replaces 20 to 25 small bottles per month while reducing plastic and product waste by 70 to 85 percent. Compared with small bottles, dispenser systems can reduce costs between 30 and 40 percent.

All the more reason for hotels and hotel groups to dismiss mini-portion toiletries, not only in favor of the environment but also for their budgets. A further important point is the fact that for hotel guests, ecological awareness is one of the top ten factors in how they select hotels. According to a 2018 worldwide survey by Nielsen, a global research and data firm) climate protection is important to 85 percent of millennials. They are prepared to spend more money for it than any other generation. That, in turn, makes this age group a sought-after target group in the hotel industry.

Easy Transition

Installing the dispenser systems is very simple, as is the cartridge exchange done by housekeeping staff in seconds. And here is another relevant bonus: the dispensers provide many customization possibilities; from the selected cosmetics brand to the cartridge color to the hotel’s logo. Due to this versatility the dispensers blend into any bathroom environment: from minimalist to sumptuous, from modern to traditional.

Sustainable Future

For many years ADA Cosmetics has been a pioneer in sustainability. The company has set its mark from the use of resource-saving, renewable raw materials to energy-saving, low-emission production to eco-friendly packaging solutions. As for small bottles and dispenser systems, the manufacturer works primarily with eco-friendly, recyclable materials. This allows the amount of recycled material to grow continuously.

Follow this link to the „Make the Shift“ campaign: https://maketheshift.ada-international.com/en/


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